Shane Kelley (Acting Director, Outreach, Training and Grants Division):

Every day, over a million shipments of hazardous materials move through our nation’s transportation arteries, and most shipments arrive without incident.  However we must be prepared for those rare instances when something goes wrong, and our hazmat grant programs help us do just that, by funding training and drills for our first responders so they can protect our families and communities from hazmat incidents or accidents.

Our grants fund activities and training that provide emergency responders with the tools and knowledge to act quickly during the first few crucial moments of a hazmat incident.
With your help, our grant funds have:

  1. Enabled the training of hundreds of thousands of emergency responders;
  2. Assisted with the development and updating of more than 57,000 emergency plans; and
  3. Supported the completion of thousands of commodity flow studies.

We look forward to our continued work together to help keep the American public safe and ensure that our transportation network is operating efficiently and effectively.  Thank you for all you do to help us ensure that our nation’s first responders continue to set the standard world-wide for response to hazardous materials incidents.